I know it’s been a while

I know it’s been a while but I just got this message on my on Qualcomm  (on board computer) saying that some drivers have been dropping loads without getting their BOL (bill of lading) signed.

So here’s my problem, my problem is the nanny state. Instead of getting on the driver that is not doing his or her jobs the rest of us have to get a memo? See people this is why our trucks won’t idle, our trucks are governed and we have electronic log books, just to name a few. We all have to suffer because of a few, and it’s getting old.

Well anyway. My 10 hour break is over and I gotta go do my job. Geez, what a concept.

If you see me

Just updating my page here and seeing what it looks like. I’m about to start running IRLP node 7039 in the truck and was thinking about having stickers made for the truck so people could find me. I see vehicles with call signs on the license plate or antennas on the roof but can’t ever seem to talk to them. So I’m thinking about making this page kf7kwk.com and making stickers for the truck, put links on here with ways to get ahold of me. Let’s see if I┬ácan get the stuff on the page the way I want it to look first. If you do see me or want to know where I am just click on the aprs.fi link on this page. I gives my location and frequency I’m operating on.

73″s and hope to hear you out there.

TruckerBob KF7KWK